Pröwess is a straight-on rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from the Charlotte, NC area. This savage army of seasoned road warriors was unleashed in March of 2016. In their short two-year existence they have toured the U.S. extensively from coast to coast, amassing a loyal following in all corners of the U.S with their killer live show that throws a nod to the legendary hard rock bands of the late-70’s and early 80’s; back when rock & roll was tough and muscular and before spandex and hair spray took over. They are currently hard at work in the studio recording their full-length debut album with Tuk Smith [BITERS/ATL] as producer.

Despite having only a couple of self-produced EPs in the clip, this band has managed to make waves in the industry. Their social pages are chock full of viral videos of their on-the-road shenanigans, which have garnered thousands of views and been published on sites such as and 

This is a band with an old school flare that has found an incredibly modern way of reaching people. Not just your traditional “Release a single/Release a music video” band, Pröwess has been able to transcend the orthodox, foregoing the tired ways of most bands and inviting the world into their lives night after night. All while putting the rubber to the road to go out and earn new fans the hard way. Their loyal fan base is proof of their efforts. Affectionately dubbed the ‘Pröwess Tribe’, their core fan base is a tightly-knit family of ardent supporters with a high level of engagement on social media and at live shows, and it grows by the day. There is no doubt that with the release of their upcoming debut full-length (due second-quarter ’19) that the name Pröwess will become a part of the rock & roll lexicon.


Dalton Bowes – Vocals
Curly Staples – Guitar
Scott Roby – Guitar
Hunter Floyd – Drums
Kenny Mange – Bass